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Melai is an online healthcare which provides health care solutions to old people who are trying to connect with health professions and also we provide jobs to health workers be it nurses, doctors care givers and pharmacists. We are focused on helping our senior citizens to transition from busy work life to retirement, From kids to grown up kids to , from strength to less strength and From No disease to managing diseases coming with old age .

Nearly, 70% of older persons in the world currently live in developing countries and this proportion is expected to increase to 80% by 2050.In both developed and developing countries, the elderly account for a disproportionately large fraction of healthcare utilization, a situation that is, especially concerning in developing countries where health services are mostly paid for out of pocket and where the elderly are for the most part unemployed, lack health insurance and do not have their needs prioritized at family, community, or national levels. Healthcare providers usually focus on disease entities during hospitalizations, with often undesirable outcomes for the elderly, such as loss of independent functioning, reduced quality of life, and increased morbidity and mortality.

Older adults require specific approaches to their care during hospitalizations if adverse outcomes are to be avoided. In the absence of specialized geriatric teams, little (if anything) can be done to improve the outcomes of hospitalization for older adults in developing countries. Unfortunately, there are only a few centers in Africa with personnel who are trained to offer specialized care to older adults. Some of the limitations in this regard include unawareness of the peculiar healthcare needs of the elderly and resource limitations. 

And Most of this problems are due to not planning and also lack of awareness to the communities. Hence Melai health care help to solve the problem.

Our Team

Sharon is a Geriatric Nurse by profession having worked at The Mombasa Hospital for over 4 years. She is also a continuing student in her  BSc N. Today she is a tutor training caregivers.

Being raised by her grandmother she is passionate about elderly care.

She loves  reading, travelling, cooking ,helping people and vlogging

Daniel is a founder of Swahili language school. He is also a continuing student doing his masters in Educational Psychology.

He has been raised by his grandmother and has a first hand experience in the challenges faced in giving care to elderly people as he is taking care of her.



Our Mission is to help those who are struggling at giving the best care to old people and also sensitize young people to plan their old age as early as now



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