Hospital diary


I leave home an enthusiastic girl, energetic and ready to do what I love .It’s a night shift you know

Report time(Handing over)

I barely look at who am working with, because I ain’t that’s time for  report already.we start with our usual work prayer.

My night mate comes in minutes after the report has started.We continue with the report till our last patient.For seniority purposes my night mate is debriefed on the patients report missed.

Am not a talktive person so I prefer to do my work with minimal workmate gossip especially if am not used to you.

At 11pm a patient’s relative comes at the desk,he talks to my colleague about his patient.He seem not happy about how the patient is doing.My colleague exchanges with him and later snobs him and leaves for another patient’s room

I can tell the man is offended,He comes again asking my colleague if he could talk to his patient’s doctor,How they exchanged became less of my concerns.but I can tell,things are not good.

He leaves for his patient’s room comes again with a phone,throws it to me asking me to speak to the doctor.Am here wondering  what the hell!

How I felt after my senior colleague left me to handle the escalated

I asked him to let me call the doctor with the hospital phone,He starts shouting at me,calls me all the names he knows,tells me how small i am,

How lucky I am to be employed in the hospital.

How I don’t deserve it.

With all the noise in the hospital,a nurse in the casualty which is far from the ward call the hospital matron about weird noise.

With all the shouting,my colleague never comes back to the nursing station.

I talk to the doctor,he gives me orders about the patient as per relative request.and tells me he will review the patient next morning.

The matron comes,the man can’t stop shouting .the man says his side of the story and am not,the senior nurses tells the matron about me and the relative,when I had left for another patient.I can easily  tell she fixed me where am not to be fixed

Am back at the station,the matron,abusive relative,doctor and senior Nurse are there.The matron tells me to apologize  to the man………I never felt offended like that..šŸ˜¢

You don’t need to get to this point.

I expected her to know that,This man wanted to beat me,abused me emotionally but she never was for me.Clients are always right.Am told not to attend to the patient until discharge.

I felt offended again,how I had bonded to my patient she was one of my best old patients that I give my best.

A video in 2021

To my surprise next morning,this man is well known by the hospital and every old employee of the hospital.He’s known as a man on heavy drugs.

Do you ever think of that nurse you bullying?

Do you think patients are always right?What’s the use of the CCTV in the hospital?

What culture are we cultivating in the future of nursing?

What would you tell my family if I was killed that night?

Patients will always disrespect nurses because they know,the hospital got their backs

Sharon et al

To the novice nurse

You are not alone,we were there and we concurred

Be brave and know what you deserve

Some see sunshine

While some see sunset

Let us know if you have ever been bullied at work.

What was your story ?

18 replies on “HOSPITAL BULLYING”

Nursing is a callingā€¦ Despite a nurse offering her Best to a patient.. Nurses still experience bullying.
God will bless and reward the unseen and unsaid deeds of nurses.

Wonderful piece Guda, i personally experienced bullying at my place of work,guess whatā€¦i never pay attention to such mean nurses i work do my best and go homeā€¦one day i saw the hands of God, they bullied a wrong person down the line they lost their job in a Very painful way they didnt expect n they can nolonger work anywhere else

So sad. The general population sometimes is never understanding and unforgiving. If a case like this leaked outside, they all be at the nurse neck. They never understand the problems and struggles you go through. Whan matters is God knows who you are continue concuring bad with kindness and he will reward you aboudantly.

This is exactly what happens. I have always wondered how the relative who knows that he/she was wrong looks at the hospital management that takes their side. To make it worse, the nurse manager will also ask you to apologise even if she knows the truth.

You got some high E.I (Emotional intelligence). Bullying is a result of unmanageable stress either externally(out of work) or internally (work related issues). People need to learn how to contain and controll themselves. We have to be kind and understanding to each other. Team fights for a common goal and not fighting each other.

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