Geriatric Education


While everyone wants to live and not die,most people fear getting old

The smiles we see old people put on,is such a heartwarming feeling.

Life has an end which is death,and to every living thing/human.. there’s a lifespan.

We love seeing our first, second,third and maybe firth generation,but how can a new generation start without the previous one getting old.?

We will try using steroids,hormones,and all we have been told to look young,but that doesn’t make us young..The years don’t regress,the growth doesn’t stop,the age doesn’t reduce.

If we appreciate that life has to go on,days have to count,age has to add up,then we will be happy when our old age time comes.

It’s beautiful to those who embrace it well,you don’t have to have it all,have all your pension,but accept that you can be happy and put on a beautiful smile while old

You don’t stop laughing when you grow old,you grow old when you stop laughing”


As one gets old ,they become compassionate with family.They want to extend their generosity to grandchildren,they want to spend more time with their family..

Its a beautiful feeling to see a generation alive in you

“Age is simply the number of years the world has been enjoying you.”

…et al

The grey hair that most fear,is what makes getting old look beautiful..

Cultivate a spirit of taking care of your beauty in your own way..

Once one gets into old age,they revisit their life with their creator.They become spiritual.

Most believe in doing good,while some give up on this line of believe.

They become concerned with life after death,which gives them a new beginning to the life they wished they lived and a hope for a paradise life after.

While old age means being weak fragile, dependant,engaging in lifestyle activities increases once lifespan.

Giving the body the active mode,reduces the rates of lifestyle and old age diseases that leads to increased morbidity and mortality rates in this age.

When we were small children,we all played dressed up and everybody had a good time.So why stop?


As we conclude,it is clear that old age need us,we need to embrace it,we need to love our first generation,we need care for them,we need to support them.

Let’s not dwell on the bridge they never created,but create the bridge for everyone after us..

Ageing is just another word for living”


As the world is concerned with ageism and older persons, we look forward to a generation that appreciate healthy aging.

According to Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,

To foster healthy ageing,we need to work together.Older people must be central to and be fully engaged in this collaboration.

What’s your opinion on old age?


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